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Our  WILD  Team

Ryan Shively

Hi I'm Ryan, co-owner and operator of BC WILDCOUNTRY Outfitters. As a child growing up in Northern BC, I was always drawn to the outdoors. My dad was my first guide and hunting partner. I had the opportunity to hunt big game by his side at the age of 9, shooting my first mule deer at the age of 10 and my first moose at age 11. I have since hunted and harvested stoned sheep, mountain goat, elk, caribou, black bear, grizzly, buffalo, white tail deer, and wolf. In 1997 my dad and I became partners on a trapline, feeding my passion for the outdoors throughout the long winter months!

My guiding career began in 1998 in Central BC. On my very first day my client successfully harvested his first moose; it was then that I realized my dream of someday owning my own area. In 2004, I married my love and life partner, Jessica. We have since expanded our family with our six children; Caleb, Aly, Maddy, Belle, Gabe, and Katie-Ray. In 2011, I broadened my guiding portfolio to include Northern hunting experiences to successfully guide clients through the challenges of a more rugged and remote territory.

I am excited to continue evolving my dream and enter the next step as a guide outfitter.

Matt Nealis

Hi fellow outdoor enthusiasts! I'm Matt, co-owner and operator of BC WILDCOUNTRY Outfitters. I grew up in Northern BC on a farm outside of Burns Lake. I started hunting, trapping, and fishing at a young age. My first mountain hunt at the age of 13 included pack horses and a stone sheep tag for late September. In the years to follow I became a regular Northern hunter on many big game adventures andmy friends began to expect me to miss the first month of every school year. I began guiding locally after college and then in the last decade guided big game in BC's far north.

As a family (if it isn't hunting season) we spend our holidays camping and getting off the beaten path. My daughter and son (Ava and Kyle) have been hunting and trapping with me since they were old enough to come along. They can fill you with stories as we sit around the campfire up in WILDCOUNTRY.

Even after harvesting almost every big game species in BC, my passion to hunt still exists. But now I look forward to sharing my outdoor experience and to helping others fulfill their WILDCOUNTRY adventure.

Jess Shively

I am a preschool educator by trade. I love the company of children and feel blessed in having six of my own. Reading, artwork, and playing cards are my favorite things to do indoors but out in the outdoors, my hobbies are archery, berry picking, and camping. With Ryan's influence and passion, I've hunted moose, bear, and deer successfully and I'm thrilled to be part of BC WildCountry and the outfitting business.

Waneta Nealis

As Matt and I celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, we are both excited to start this new venture together with our friends the shively's. when i'm not at work teaching, you can usually either find me  under a pile of dishes in the kitchen or up to my knees in weeds (and vegetables)in the greenhouse.

Caleb Shively

I just recently graduated from grade 12. I was raised in an outdoors and hunting environment. At the early age of 11 I shot my first moose and by 13 got my first stone sheep. since then I've hunted and harvested mountain goat, caribou, and mule deer. I enjoy hunting, hiking, fishing, and snowmobiling which I balance with reading and a love for card games. I've had experience co-guiding in Northern BC and look forward to future adventures in BC's WildCountry.

Kyle Nealis

Hi! I help out in the summer months as a packer (I'm in grade 12 this year). I love hiking, hunting, fishing, exploring, and photography. Some of my hobbies when I'm not up in WildCountry are skiing, snowboarding, surfing, soccer, and welding art projects out of recycled metal.


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