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Our Hunts

Stone Sheep/Goats/Moose/Black Bear/Caribou

Stone Sheep

14 day package - 12 day hunts
August - October

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This is a one-of-a-kind hunt that is physically challenging and requires a hunter  willing to live out of a backpack for two weeks.

Black Bear
Spring Hunt

9 day package - 7day hunts @ Willow Creek Camp
May through June

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There are plenty of black bears up at Wildcountry's Willow Creek Camp. Hunt old burns (rich in natural attractants), road systems, and right-of-ways in 4WD vehicles and quads, as well as spot and stalk, and still-hunting (hunter's preference). with such a dense bear population and the ability to easily get within range, this is an ideal bow hunting opportunity and affording 2 bears per hunter. Let us help you find your trophy bear. Ask about our 2-on-1 hunts for a great value. Grizzlies abound in this vast territory. Although grizzlies are no longer hunted in BC, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to capture one through your lens!


August - October

10 day package - 8 day hunts
@ Willow Creek Camp

12 day package - 10 day hunts
@ exclusive FLY-IN

contact us for 2021 availability and pricing

moose/goat: the territory is located at high elevation. ample habitat for moose in the valley bottoms while being surrounded with steep rugged slopes for goats.

Bear: although in the most densely populated grizzly territory in BC, it's common to see trophy sized black bear on our hunts. This is an easy add-on for anyone interested in this trophy.


Our *ALL-INCLUSIVE* pricing includes the following:

    1. First trophy fee of moose or goat
    2. Game tags (Moose, goat, or black bear & wolf) 
    3. BC hunting license
    4. Government taxes
    5. GOABC mandatory membership
    6. All expenses from pick up at hotel in Smithers
      to drop off at hotel in  Smithers

EXTRA costs:

  1. Bush Flights
  2. Extra bush flights for mandatory meat flights/unscheduled early departures
  3. Second and third trophy fees


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