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We offer challenging guided treks in our territory for solo hikers or groups

Let us know what you are looking for and we will tailor a hiking excursion just for YOU

  • physical level (easy hiking to absolutely grueling) 
  • schedule (from two days to two weeks)
  • theme of trip (photography, wildlife, long distance hiking, relaxing, or a bit of everything)
  • location (our fly-in lodge @ Tumeka is our usual  base camp )

Lace up your hiking boots!

Our fly-in lodge on Tumeka Lake is the BASE CAMP for most of our hikes. It is perfect for those of you that seriously want to get away and experience remote wilderness. Stay for a week and you'll have the opportunity for several day-hikes as well as even an over night hike if you wish.  When you aren't out on the trails, you can RELAX in camp and watch the wildlife, canoe, or fish right from your doorstep. Check out more photos of Tumeka Lodge on the Camps page.

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Get up into the ALPINE within minutes from Base Camp

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